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Discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions to common legal issues. It is part of our commitment to keep you informed and updated with technology. If you don'[t find the answer here, contact our office today.

Wills FAQ

Why do I need a Will? Because, without a properly drawn Will, you will not get the chance to say where your property goes -instead the State of Texas will make this decision for you! Because, without a properly drawn Will, if you have minor children, you forfeit the...

Power of Attorney FAQ

Why do I need a durable power of attorney? If you become disabled due to an accident or illness and you are deemed mentally incompetent, your business and personal affairs will more than likely have to be administered by a court-appointed guardian. The guardian may or...

Living Trust Scams FAQ

If you are age 50 or older, you should take special care when buying living trusts. Your age group is often a special target of salespersons whose goal is to sell you something without carefully analyzing you needs. It is easy enough to become a victim. Living trust...

Involuntary Mental Health Commitments FAQ

I. What Does Involuntary Commitment Mean? Individuals suffering from mental disorders are sometimes unable to understand the severity of their illness, may refuse to take their prescribed medications, or are unable to recognize their need for medical assistance....

Guardianships FAQ

What is a guardianship and how do they work? What types of guardianships are there? What are the definitions of "minor" and "incapacitated person?" I think I know someone who meets the definition of an incapacitated person. What must I do to get a guardian appointed?...

Bankruptcy FAQ

Bankruptcy law is very complicated and you should always consult with an attorney before taking any action. Mr. Gregory Ross does provide initial consultations regarding matters in Texas and can often help locate attorneys in other states. He can be reached at (940)...

Adoption FAQ

1. Who is eligible to adopt? In Texas, anyone who passes a background check and has the financial ability to support the child can adopt. Keep in mind, that a detailed pre-adoptive homestudy will be conducted which includes the following areas: Interview of adoptive...

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