When the borrower is in default on your loans secured by real estate, you need the services of an attorney knowledgeable in foreclosures and evictions. Our expertise has helped clients fulfill their short and long-term goals. Available areas of representation include:

  • Analysis of Loan Documents and Status of the Debt
  • Foreclosure of Real Property through Judicial or Non-Judicial Means
  • Notice to Other Parties Including the IRS
  • Obtaining Waiver of Right of Redemption from IRS
  • Suits for Deficiency after Foreclosure Sale
  • Post-Foreclosure Evictions
  • Notice to Tenants of Assignment of Rents
  • Representing Clients if Borrowers File Bankruptcy

Foreclosure law has many requirements that must be met for the foreclosure sale and eviction to be accomplished correctly. Failure to meet all of the requirements can make the sale invalid, forcing you to start over, and possibly subjecting you to an action for wrongful foreclosure. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the foreclosure procedure and protect your interests.

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