We represent families in adoptions, including step-children adoptions.

Adoption is a legal arrangement where parental rights are transferred from the natural or birth parents to the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents then become legally responsible for the child they adopt and they obtain all legal parental rights with regard to the child.

The adoption process in Texas consists of the following:

  • Pre-Adoptive homestudy – A report prepared by a licensed social worker with experience specific to adoption studies. This process is a very detailed review of the adoptive parents and includes the following:
  • Interview of adoptive parents
  • Verification of legal documents
  • Letters of reference from friends and family
  • Confirmation of financial status
  • Criminal history check
  • Child abuse check
  • Termination of parental rights – Before a child can be adopted, the biological parents’ rights must be terminated. In Texas, this can be done voluntarily or involuntary under certain circumstances.
  • Final Adoption

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