1. Who is eligible to adopt?
In Texas, anyone who passes a background check and has the financial ability to support the child can adopt. Keep in mind, that a detailed pre-adoptive homestudy will be conducted which includes the following areas:

  • Interview of adoptive parents
  • Verification of legal documents
  • Letters of reference from friends and family
  • Confirmation of financial status
  • Criminal history check
  • Child abuse check

2. Can I adopt more than one child?
Yes. In the majority of the cases it pertains to siblings. It is preferable that children of the same family remain together. Therefore the court gives special attention to those type of adoptions.

3. What is an open adoption?
It is an adoption where one or both of the birth parents and the adoptive parents are made known to each other and have some type of contact throughout the process. In open adoptions, the birth and adoptive parents determine the level of contact. In some cases only names are exchanged.

4. Can I provide financial assistance to the birth mother?
The state of Texas limits the expenses an adoptive parent can pay for on behalf of the biological parents to medical and legal expenses relating to the adoption.

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